Megan and Jason

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Love Is Very, Very Patient

Same Wedding, Different Day
If our engagement can survive a worldwide pandemic, our marriage will survive a lifetime! It has been a very stressful year (and counting), living in total uncertainty and unknowns. We want our loved ones with us when we see each other for the first time that day, we want our loved ones to hear our vows at the same time we do, and be our witnesses to the beginning of our lives together. We have chosen yet another new date - November 13, 2021 - and are hoping, with all of our hearts, we can celebrate on this day. HOPE WITH US.

Can't wait to see you there:
November 13, 2021 | Ceremony at 3:00p
Adult Celebration

The Lighthouse
2000 Glen Cove Marina Road, Vallejo, CA 94591


Reunited & It Feels So Good
We met about 22 years ago. Yep, 1997, when we were both at Sonoma State. We became friends and a few years later, started dating. We parted ways three and a half years later, only to reconnect in December of 2018 and rekindle a relationship. Our adventurous spirits and life's missions for experiencing new things has made 2019 quite an amazing year. We are the same people but different in all good ways and our relationship has grown strong very quickly, sometimes picking up right where we left off 17 years ago. On October 11, he asked under the Golden Gate Bridge, she said yes, and we invite you to our wedding on the new date...whenever that may be.

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Cocktail attire, unplugged ceremony, adult celebration details: